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Steam Sterilizer Autoclave

Model : ACL-SSA01

The sterilizer has double walled (inner chamber & Jacket) type design, which allows preheating of chamber by jacket steam.

The chamber is constructed of heavy-duty stainless steel 304/316.


The Sterilizer is supplied with single door or double doors made of 304/316 S .S. The door has provision, which prevents. opening of door when the chamber is under pressure.


Multi-Port Main Operating Valve

To control from one point various phases of entire sterilization Cycle such as:
Steam entry to the Chamber, Exhaust the chamber steam with selection of 2-speeds "Slow" or "Fast" depending upon the type of load; Vacuum drying of load by creating partial vacuum in chamber, break the vacuum and to attain atmospheric pressure;

Plug Screen in the Chamber (in front)

To prevent the choking of the discharge line with solids; It is easily removable for regular cleaning.

A Thermostatic Steam Trap/Air Vent

Fitted in chamber discharge line for automatic removal of air and chamber condensate intermittently.


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